Strong Defense Against Serious Criminal Charges

No matter the crime, everyone is entitled to a proper legal defense. Whether it is a DUI, a felony charge, or a drug violation or a traffic violation, we believe that everyone is entitled to a fair trial the follows the Rules of Criminal Procedure. Due process means that your rights are protected, regardless of the final outcome in court or in negotiation.

Located in Red Lion, Eveler & DeArment Law Offices' criminal defense work is led by Jonelle Harter Eshbach. Ms. Eshbach, a former first deputy district attorney of York County, has 30 plus years' experience in all types of criminal law. That wealth of courtroom experience both as a prosecutor and defense counsel, makes her a formidable litigator who throughly knows the law and the procedures for investigation, arrest and aggressive defense of clients in Pennsylvania.

Types Of Charges We Defend

Ms. Eshbach has handled hundreds of cases. Those she regularly sees include:

  • Criminal DUI: This can involve serious fines and time in jail and after jail. Repeat offenses cary heavier penalties.
  • Drug crimes: These charges are serious and can be felonies if you are charged with trafficking narcotics or are a repeat offender. Felonies and misdemeanors: These charges can affect your ability to get a job, go to school and maintain professional accreditation.
  • Traffic violations summary offenses: These lesser charges can still add up to major fines and stiffer penalties if you face similar charges at a later date.
  • Post-conviction appeals: Sometimes an attorney or judge does not get it right. We can guide our clients through the appeals process in an attempt to overturn a conviction.
  • Civil protection from abuse: Unfortunately, sometimes protection orders are necessary to keep victims safe.
  • Indirect criminal contempt: This civil charge often involves a violation of a court order.
  • Juvenile delinquency: This generally involves illegal activity by someone under 18.

The Best Defense Starts With You

The biggest mistake people facing charges can make is not taking a proactive approach to defending themselves. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible can help build a strong case in your favor. This includes finding witnesses, getting statements from those involved and studying the circumstances of the charges because sometimes law enforcement officers miss an important detail. Because charges escalate for repeat offenders, it is always best to mount a defense to try to get charges reduced or dismissed.

Contact Us As Soon As Possible To Discuss Your Situation

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