Trusted Guidance For Matters Involving Divorce

Going through divorce is a life-changing experience. Depending upon the circumstances, it can be an incredibly combative situation that is litigated in court or it can involve two sides who simply no longer are in love. Perhaps it is somewhere in between. It is important to remember that divorce may be the end of a marriage, but it is also the beginning of the next phase of your life.

At Eveler & DeArment Law Offices, we encourage couples to try to resolve all the issues surrounding divorce in a fair and equitable manner using mediation or negotiation outside of court. This reduces cost and stress, which is important because parents still need to work together as co-parents after the divorce. While the children should be the priority, we believe that creating workable solutions agreeable to the parents is important as well.

Matters That Need To Be Addressed During Divorce

We provide thorough and knowledgeable guidance based on years of handling family law and divorce cases here in southern Pennsylvania. Matters to be resolved include:

  • Contested or uncontested: Whether it is contested in court or uncontested out of court, we always work toward a fair arrangement.
  • Child custody and parenting plans: The needs and wants of the children should be considered first, but parenting plans need to work for each parent as well.
  • Support: This is generally calculated using the gross incomes of both parents as well as living arrangements and other factors unique to the family. We work to ensure that the agreements are binding.
  • Division of assets: Marital assets and debts are accumulated during the marriage. These are divided equitably, which is not the same as half.

Sometimes Court Is Unavoidable

Sometimes the two sides do not see eye to eye. While our family law services are often handled by attorney Claudia L. DeArment, we often work as a team. Our attorneys represent clients in court on a wide range of legal matters, which we believe gives us an advantage for preparing and handling divorce proceedings litigated in court.

Your Family's New Future Begins Today

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