Comprehensive Real Estate And Business Guidance

Founder George Eveler's main focus was performing real estate title searches for other lawyers when he opened our offices in 1955. While the firm now offers a wide range of legal services, we still do real estate and title work with daughter Andrea Eveler Stanley handling much of our real estate and business matters.

The Myths Surrounding Title Insurance

Andrea Eveler Stanley learned this work from her father while working in the office as a teenager. Realtors and banks, however, have their own title companies because they want their customers to spend their money with them. The cost of using those title companies is the same as using a firm like us, but it is unethical for these companies to give legal advice, so they cannot explain the documents you are signing. They cannot advise you on how you should hold title to the property, because to do so constitutes the unauthorized practice of law. They cannot provide you with legal advice should any problem arise with the property, but our firm can.

Other Real Estate Services We Offer

Along with our unsurpassed guidance on title insurance, Eveler & DeArment Law Offices provides other real estate services as well:

  • We conduct closings for purchasers of residential and commercial real estate.
  • We conduct real estate closings for borrowers refinancing existing mortgages.
  • We issue title insurance on behalf of First American Title Insurance Co. for the lender and client.
  • We attend real estate settlements on behalf of sellers of residential and commercial real estate.
  • We prepare deeds, mortgages, agreements of sale, easements and residential commercial leases.
  • We prepare conditions of sale and can attend public auctions.

Business And Corporate Law

Andrea Eveler Stanley and the staff also help businesses in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing a sound legal foundation for launching a new business
  • Shoring up liability issues with a current business
  • Negotiating contracts and preparing buy-sell agreements
  • Preparing membership agreements, partnership agreements and operating agreements
  • Representing clients in liquor license transfers

Contact Us To Discuss Your Legal Issues

Located in Red Lion, Eveler & DeArment Law Offices provides legal real estate and business guidance in York County and throughout south-central Pennsylvania. We continue to honor the excellence of George Eveler's work with our award-winning staff, led by attorney Stanley. To schedule an appointment with her, contact our offices by calling 717-246-8000. We also respond promptly to inquiries sent using our contact page.